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Meet Tanya Wall: The Heart and Soul Behind Shoreline Crafter

Welcome to Shoreline Crafter, where creativity meets purpose, and every product tells a story. I'm Tanya Wall, the founder of this beloved brand, and I'd like to share a bit about my journey, passions, and the inspiration behind Shoreline Crafter.

A Dual Passion: Non-Profit Leadership and Crafting

By day, I lead a dynamic career as the owner of Collaborative Cause Consulting. With over two decades of experience in fundraising and non-profit leadership, I’ve had the privilege of working with healthcare and social service organizations, helping them secure the necessary funds to make a difference in our communities. This role has been both challenging and rewarding, allowing me to drive profound change and support vital causes.

The Birth of Shoreline Crafter

Outside of my consulting work, I embrace my creative side through Shoreline Crafter. This venture began as a hobby, a way to unwind and explore my love for beautifully crafted items. Over time, it blossomed into a thriving business, offering a range of carefully curated products, including tote bags, wine bags, and mugs. Each item is selected with love and care, inspired by the stunning landscapes and serene beauty of both the shores of Georgian Bay and Cape Breton Island, where I have been fortunate to live. Additionally, our products feature unique sayings and fun designs, adding a touch of whimsy and personality to your everyday essentials.

Family and Home: The Heart of Inspiration

As a mom and wife, my family is at the heart of everything I do. Living on the beautiful Cape Breton Island, I draw daily inspiration from the breathtaking scenery and the close-knit community around me. My family’s support and the tranquil environment of our island home fuel my passion for crafting.



Balancing Careers and Passions

Juggling a full-time career with Collaborative Cause Consulting and running Shoreline Crafter can be challenging, but it’s a balance that brings immense satisfaction. Each role complements the other, with my professional skills in strategic planning and relationship building enhancing my business acumen for Shoreline Crafter. Conversely, the creative fulfillment I gain from crafting energizes me for my consulting work.

Crafting with a Purpose

At Shoreline Crafter, every product is a testament to my love for crafting and my desire to bring joy to others. Whether it's a tote bag that adds a touch of elegance to your everyday errands, a wine bag that makes your summer picnics more stylish, or a mug that brightens your morning coffee, I aim to create items that enhance your life and bring a smile to your face. In addition to designs inspired by the shore, I also include unique and lighthearted designs to add a bit of fun to your day.

Join Me on This Journey

I invite you to explore Shoreline Crafter and discover the products that reflect the love and care that goes into every piece. Thank you for supporting a business that’s not only a creative outlet but also a tribute to the wonderful places I call home and the family that inspires me every day.

Happy shopping!

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